Thursday, February 15, 2007


Time for some good old helping out. On April 20-21, My school is participating in Relay For Life, an event held by the American Cancer Society to raise money for Cancer. If you want to learn more about it, click on the link below:

Relay for Life- Georgetown

When the guy in my class who was promoting this talked to us, he handed out candles and matches to everyone. He turned off the lights, and said "How many of you here have suffered from cancer, light your candle" then "Who has lost a parent or sibling to cancer, light your candle" .... "lost a loved one to cancer".... (at this point, nearly half of the 150 or so candles were lit)... "had a loved one suffer from cancer"..."known someone who has lost a loved one to cancer" and I'd say all but a few candles were lit. I didn't exactly repeat it the right way, but you get the point. It was a very moving presentation.

And so, I signed up today (I should've done it sooner!) I am excited to participate in this event, because it is fun and it really does go to a good cause.

I have a personal webpage where you can help out too! You can donate money to sponsor me. I have a goal of $200 and I hope that I can exceed it. Every buck counts. You can click on the above website, scroll down, then click on "Donate to a Participant" on the left-hand side. Enter my name and I should come up, for the team "The Shermanators."

or go directly to My Personal Website

If every person who reads my blog (all 3 of you... just kidding) donates one dollar, then posts links to this post on their own blog, and each person who reads that donates one dollar, I'll bet I can raise a crapload of money! But, no pressure.

I don't like pushing people to buy stuff, but in this case I don't feel bad urging you all to donate. Chances are you know someone who has suffered from cancer, or will in the future.

And think about the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something good for society. Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you're dishing out 200 bucks for designer sunglasses that you'll probably break/lose or when you're buying a cell phone/PDA/mp3 player that you don't really need?

So, fellow bloggers and bored readers, I implore: Donate some money to me! Help my class kick some ass!

If you were wondering about the team name, "The Shermanators," Dr. Sherman is one of our professors. He taught biochemistry last semester and nutrition this semester, and he is absolutely hilarious! He's a hippie, too!

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