Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brief study break.

It's not a break if I didn't start yet, though.

ANYWAY... to all them peeps bitching about the banning of articifial trans-fats, chew on this:

If you're all pissed off that this ban is like, taking away a right, why don't you think of it like trans fats are like drugs. Cocaine is illegal, is it not? LSD, PCP, Ketamine, MDMA, opium, heroin, the list goes on. Marijuana, too. Yes, I agree, drugs are bad (mmkay). BUT, many of these things, particularly marijuana, could never possibly lead to the amount of damage that is caused by these fats and other crap that's in our food. In the article on MSN, it says: "Doctors agree that trans fats are unhealthy in nearly any amount." DID YOU HEAR THAT?? UNHEALTHY IN ANY AMOUNT!!! Why in the WORLD should this shit exist??? It should also be illegal to pump cows full of hormones and genetically engineer fruits and veggies without knowing the potential threats....but that's a whole other can of worms. And so, if you think it's okay for Marijuana to be illegal, then you should be just fine and dandy with the ban. Deal with it, fatty. Alcohol should be illegal too. And smoking cigarettes.

Of course I don't really believe that. But I think that people shouldn't be sooooo outraged about this if they're the same people who think Marijuana should be illegal. I honestly do think that the government has WAY too much control over stuff. I'm a live-and-let-live kinda gal.

There's too much messed up stuff going on in this country, in this world, etc. Greed and obsession with money has led to a nation whose businesses will put their customers in danger just because it makes money. McDonald's, Pharmaceutical companies, etc. and so we have a bunch of fat-ass, addicted to pills, television humping consumers walking around with shitty health care. Sorry, am I ranting?

I should note that I am grateful for the good stuff this country has given my family and others. I always try to keep the negativity down... I haven't been doing a great job of that lately, but I blame the lack of sleep.

SO anyway, while I'm not a huge fan of "the man" I actually think this ban is a good thing. Yeah yeah, all the chefs have to change their recipes, and it's gonna lead to a lot of fines and stuff, but it'll be interesting to see how this all unfolds (if the ban is passed).

All this makes me think about how much healthier my lifestyle has become since moving from Miami. Life in DC, I like it. Compared to Miami, this place is so much more active. You can survive without a car here. FORGET ABOUT THAT in Miami. Nine months out of twelve, It's way too hot to get around on foot. Also, public transportation is shit, and stuff is not close.

I must say I miss the beach and the Cuban food (where can I get a pastelito and some Iron Beer in DC??). Oh and I miss my family and friends too, duh.

I kind of also miss the shitty radio stations and the one good radio station, a classic rock station with a hilarious morning show.

Ahhh, memories. I'm forgetting all my Spanish here. Pero estoy tratando de practicar con mi amigo Jose. El es de Peru, y esta en mi programa. Nosotros hablamos en espanol, usualmente para hablar de otras personas. Que malo!

Well, enough of that. There is an exam on Friday. After the embryology torture exam, I haven't had much motivation to give a crap. But really, I should study. This "brief" study break ended up being not-so-brief. Oh well. It happens.


Ho said...

i like brownies though....are they going to ban brownies cause if they do then i'll begin to stockpile right now. Study hard, party harder! Get some pinga!

Ho (i need to get some gato)

Marianita said...

haha, ho! your comment was highly offensive (it's like highschool all over again).

They're just banning ARITIFICAL TRANS FATS. People been makin' brownies since wayyy before they were makin artificial fats. It proabably means you'll be getting yummier brownies! and either way, the ban would be in NY so you have nothing to worry about!