Saturday, September 16, 2006


It is c-r-u-n-c-h time. Embryology exam is on Thursday (Ay dios mio!)

Some random things:

-About the whole Spinach thing. Yeah, talk about scary. And annoying, cause now I can't eat my favorite veggie. Damn You E. Coli O157H7!!!!

-Someone pointed out to me today that "Keggles" seems like the name of a cereal. It does, doesn't it??? I believe it's pronounced keegles but the words still looks like the name of a cereal.

-My little brother told me online today that he realized that 30% of his entertainment at home was talking to me. He also mentioned that the value is considerably lower than it should be due to time commitment factors on my part; as he put it "it would be a lot more than 30% but you were always at work or school." I thought that was nice. I miss that little brat.

-I have to literally study all day every day as much as humanly possible between now and Thursday morning. Freaking gross.

-I should be sleeping right now instead of blogging. Yeah.

-The artwork above is an etching by M.C. Escher, an amazing Dutch artist.

Hmmm, strange! I just took note of the fact that his last name, "Escher," happens to be a part of the name of the bacteria which is causing assplosions across the country, Escherichia Coli (E. Coli).

Okay, one more thing: E. Coli is a bacteria found in our bodies normally. The E. Coli which is causing this outbreak is a different strain, known as O157H7. Just in case any microbiologically ignorant individuals were wondering.

Buenas noches. Nachos buenos (yum)


Andre said...

Wow. And all this time I was blaming cows for E. Coli. I always thought it was in their manure and was imbedded into the groundwater used for irrigation.

Shows what I know (or, should I say, DON'T know)...

Marianita said...

No, you're totally right about it being from the cows. They have E. Coli in their gastrointestinal tracts too, and probably some were infected with the "bad" E. Coli, which is the one causing all the problems.

Marianita said...
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