Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick of Immunology... (ah, the irony)

Tomorrow....I have my first exam!

It's in Immunology. 150 questions, multiple choice.

This is probably the first time ever (since highschool) that I didn't cram for an exam. I've been looking at the material casually for the past 2 weeks, and studying with a group. I don't know if I know it all or not.

It's soooo weird. I can't tell if I should feel confident or worried, because I've never studied this way before. I can't bring myself to study anymore tonight. Tomorrow I will have the morning hours to review. The exam is at 1 pm. Yikes! It's strange to not be freaking out before an exam that counts for HALF MY GRADE in the class!

Is this possibly the way it should be? I wouldn't know! I kind of like this whole studying like a normal person thing.

In other news, today was a a day full of coincidences. Yesterday, too. I have a feeling that I'm being thwarted into one of those time periods during which everything comes in 2's and 3's, coincidences will overwhelm me, and I'll feel "connected."

In other other news, my parents are coming to visit! I miss them! They are bringing Danny, my not so little brother. It's exciting. Hopefully my mom will be sweet enough to cook some of her world class Lebanese food.

It's time for bed. I will dream of antibodies and cytokines, MHC molecules and cytosolic proteases.

And maybe I'll dream that I'm at school naked. I hate that dream!

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