Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'll take a tiny break from studying to write a thing or two.

Speaking of "two," stuff has been coming in twos again. I go through certain time periods where everytime I hear about something new, or learn something new, it comes up again shortly thereafter.

Example: Because I live under a rock, I did not know about the whole "Pluto's not a planet" thing. This is apparently old news. Today I saw that some friends on facebook joined a group called "I was a kid when Pluto was still a planet" or something like that. I proceeded to, in my typical Mariana-inquisitive-need-to-know-everything-way, google "Pluto not a planet," and lo and behold- people have been talking about this since 2001. Apparently, it was officially kicked off the list of planets some time last month. Crazy! Ok, the point...? oh yeah. So THEN, not even 4 hours later, I was browsing though a blog I read regularly, and the guy referenced the Pluto thing, with a link to an article.

This doesn't seem like a big deal, I know, but crap like this happens to me ALL THE TIME. Things come in twos or threes. The Pluto example is a really simple, kind of not so good example. But I mean, sometimes, I'll be thinking about something obscure and someone brings it up and then a totally random other person brings it up too. Know what I mean, JellyBean?

OH NO! I just realized the mnemonic device "My very excited mother just served us nine pizzas" is now obsolete.
(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Marts, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

I'm all about the mnemonics, man!

I guess the new one could be "My very excited mother just served us nutella" or something.

Mmmmmmm nutella!

Along with ROY G BIV (colors of the rainbow), PEMDAS (order of operations in math), and LIATE (something in calculus used for integration by parts), the solar system sentence is something I cherish. Why? Cause it taught me how to learn things in a lot less time than other people. I have about 15 little "tricks" like this for my next embryology exam.

Ah the embryology exam. Back to studying for that.

When that's over, it's going to be the kind of relief one feels after having to take a leak and holding it for a really really really long time.


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* said...

oohhhh yeessssss!! mnemonics are my friend too! example: never let monkeys eat bananas (order of WBC abundancy in the blood ;) GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST CHICA!!!