Sunday, September 03, 2006

Insomniac psychobabble.

I am suffering from insomnia on this fine evening. It's 2:15 am. Techincally, it's Sunday, September 3.

Sometimes, when I'm in the car or on the metro, I look at the people around me. I think, hey, look at that guy in the blue toyota. He's got a whole entire life. He's got a family and a job and health problems and other problems. He has interests, and dislikes. He's been hurt before. He's been happy before (I hope). He's probably been in love. He's probably gotten drunk. He probably has a secret he's never told anyone. He's probably done his share of stupid things, said his share of stupid things. Right now, there's something going on in his head. A stream of thoughts, or is he listening to the radio? He could be thinking "I wonder what's for dinner. I hope (insert wife's name here) makes something good" or he could be thinking "I hate my life, I want to die" or he could be thinking about a coworker's voluptuous body or he could be just listening to the radio with no thoughts in his head.

The point? What is the point of me writing this? I barely even know. It's just something that goes through my head sometimes when I look at strangers. It amazes me whenever I stop and think about how comlpex this world is.

We live in a way such that we must be primarily concerned about ourselves then those around us. Some people also take the time to help those in dire need and participate in goodwill activities. But we don't really pay attention to the emotions and feelings of the dude in the other car, the woman at the supremarket, etc. Those people exist because we see them. Their feelings don't exist for us. I guess just taking the time to acknowledge the existence of the stranger's emotions, thoughts, etc just gives me a weird sense of wonderment.

Another thing that always makes me stop and think is babies. I look at them and I would love to know what is going on in their oversized heads. I don't know if it's my biological clock or what, but lately every time I see a baby I just want to carry/hug/kiss the little fucker. I digress. Babies, what's going on in their heads? Who knows, maybe as a baby you have powers (telepathy, etc) that you lose as you grow and gain the potential for memory. Maybe as a baby you know something important, like the meaning of life, and that is why you are blissful and happy.

What about a fetus? What about an embryo? (it's called an embryo until week 8, I believe). I'm taking embryology, and we're learning about how every part of the body arises. It's quite fascinating. But no one knows how and when "awareness" arises. What if every molecule has its own level of awareness?

When studying the immune system and many other biological systems, one learns that cells "communicate" with each other. The immune response to a bacterium, for example, is mediated by numerous cells and signals. It's all very intricate, very complex. The image at the top of this blog is a representation of the cells involved in removing the bacteria from the body. I googled the picture for this blog but I may just print it out to help me study.

One more thing: DNA. It's amazing! I will dedicate a blog to DNA soon.

Taking a moment to step back and revel at the complexities of this world always makes me feel good. I don't know why.

All this random talk has gotten me tired.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the insects of the bed gnaw at your flesh.....(that's how the saying goes, right?)

what does sleep tight mean, anyway?


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