Sunday, September 10, 2006

Productive day. YAY!

I love this Salvador Dali painting--------------->

Well, I switched gears today and actually got a lot of stuff done. Woke up at noon after hitting snooze for 2.5 hours (I wanted to wake up at 9:30). Acceptable, since I had major insomnia till 3 am. Ate an empanada for breakfast (that would be, a meat pie, Latin American style). You're supposed to fry them but I baked it. I chugged my 1.5 cups of coffee and for some odd reason, organized my entire desk and living room area. Then I sat my productive Lebanese booty down and prioritized my applications, and filled out 5 of them. FIVE! Two of the applications had no essays, so they don't really count but still! Yay me! There was a break in between numbers 3 and 4 to have lunch: grape nuts cereal (yummy!). Yes, I realize my lunch was breakfastesque, and that my breakfast was lunchesque. *Cartman voice* Whateva, I do what I want!

Then, after application number five, little Ms. Responsibility (that's me) prepared dinner and lunch for tomorrow. Dinner was a salad (just spinach and cucumbers) and ground meat with onions and all-spice, which is usually used in Lebanese dishes to stuff something (eggplant) or in between two layers of mashed potatoes or in rice or to put in a meat pie (a Lebanese empanada, if you will). It is the stuff that is inside Kibbeh. It's called "stuffing" in Arabic. Usually people add pine nuts. I don't have any but it's still good to me! My mom makes this "stuffing" all the time for one or more of the aforementioned dishes, but there's always some left over. It is a well known fact in the Khawand residence that the left-over stuffing should be handed over to me. I eat the meat with pita bread in the morning or for dinner. It's not really morning food but I'm weird like that. Even more delightful: I throw some of it on top of my eggs while they fry. It's so damn good.
All-spice is great, it gives the food a flavor that reminds me of momma's cookin'. I don't know what other people use all-spice in their food besides the Lebanese/Middle Easterns.
Anyway, I totally went off on a food tangent there. Point of the story: I was productive today. Yippee!!!
Sixteen days till the Embryology exam. SIXTEEN DAYS! That exam is gonna be painful. Tomorrow I will begin "hardcore" studying. Definition: Eat, breathe, sleep embryology. What muscles arise from the second pharyngeal arch? I don't know! But I'm supposed to know. AHHHHH!
At least Embryology is interesting. It's one of the most fascinating subjects ever. To see what we looked like, to see the progression from a couple of cells.... blastula, gastrula, morula, something-elserula, embryo, fetus, newborn, toddler, brat, prepubescent hormonal prick, angst-filled wannabe adult, young adult, middle aged person, old fart...... it's all quite fascinating, really!
Ok, time for bed.
It's 10:42. The coffee's in the coffee maker, ready to be brewed. My backpack is ready, my lunch is packed, my panties are in a bunch, and it's time for bed.

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Ho said...

whoa! You got the whole Asian Single Female routine down! I'm proud of you.