Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I can't sleep.

I don't know why.

There's another exam this Friday (it never ends, I'm telling you).

It's been hard to get into study mode for this exam. It's biochem, one of three exams, and quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn,

I'm kidding. Of course I give a damn,

I just remembered a bad joke:

What did the fish say when he bumped his head?

Here's another one... this one's a 10 out of 10 in cheesiness.

So, two antennae (that's plural for antenna) who have been dating for a while decide to get married. The wedding was last week. The ceremony was a bit boring but the reception was great!



(for those of you who are not in touch with the IM acronyms, ROFL= rolling on the floor laughing, and LMAO= laughing my ass of, and so ROFLMAO is.... you can figure it out).

I'm not literally in hysterics, but I really do like the joke. I think it's hi-frickin-larious. I don't care how cheesy it is.

I noticed more and more that very often in online conversations, I'll write "LOL" and there's not even a smile on my face. The whole LOL thing is abused. It's like when you say "that's funny" instead of laughing.
(just in case, LOL = laughing out loud... if you don't know that one you're living under a rock)

Ah the pointless banter. When will it end?

So I'm sippin on my sleepytime tea, hoping it doesn't work too well and make me oversleep.

I don't have much to say. Studying is wack. (wiggity-wiggity wack)

Oh yeah!

My parents are coming to visit with my little brother this Friday. I'm excited and scared. I know that my father (obsessed with cleanliness) and my mother (obsessed with organization and cleanliness), will deem me unfit to live on my own due to the fact that my apartment is what you would call a "pig sty." The easy solution would be to pick up and clean but I have more important things to do, i.e. write pointless blogs that no one really reads and do hard sudoku puzzles from 2 week old newspapers. Oh yeah and studying also is slightly more appealing than cleaning.

I guess I'll tidy up a little bit, for mom. More for me, cause if the apartment's a mess she'll waste time and energy cleaning it for me, and I can't have that happen. Don't be fooled-it's not because I'm a sweet daughter who doesn't want to make her mommy work; it's actually because I want that woman to cook me some nice meals that I can freeze for later use. I'm a kind of sweet daughter, somewhere beyond my hefty appetite, I promise. MMMMM... mom's cookin. Can't wait! (She'd better cook, damnit)

So I'm looking forward to the visitors, particularly the little bro Danny, who is actually turning twelve years old tomorrow (actually, today). It feels like only yesterday he was a little baby whose poopie diapers I used to change.

So yeah... I'm going to attempt that whole "sleeping" thing one more time.

Good night. Buenas Noches. Bonne Nuit. Oodgay Ightnay.


Andre said...

This entry was funny on so many levels.

(1) Your joke selection was clearly an indication of your sleep deprivation. Here's a great one:

Two biscuits are cooking in the oven. One says, "Damn. It sure is hot in here." The other says "Hey! You can talk..."

*crickets chirping*

OK. OK. Not a good one. Sad thing is: I'm wide awake. What's my excuse?

(2) People actually DO read your blog. Hello?! Unless you consider me, Ho, Aldo, etc. as "nobodys" (which, I suppose wouldn't be too far off), you've got a fan base. I mean, I've got you linked for heaven sake's. It's not just because I want to give the impression that I have friends. Or maybe it is. But that's besides the point...

(3) Being a grad student aside, I thought it was funny to read about how much of a "pig sty" you had. I always thought that 99.7% of the female population subscribe to Martha Stewart's Living like it was the Gospel. But, I guess you make up the .3% who don't. Interesting...

You're a bad one, Ms. Grinch...

ajbendaƱa said...

"nobodys" Please, Marcy cant live without me. Tell em Marcy.

Marianita said...

@ Andre: no no you guys aren't "nobody's." I'm sorry! It was late and I was just blabbering. I appreciate my modestly sized audience (you, aldo, ho and like, 2 other ppl).
You are actually the only preson who reads my blog who I didn't know pre-blogging. Everyone else was forced to do it as a sign that they actually care about me.
Also, the "pig sty" was an exaggeration. I'm still a lot cleaner than Aldo (and many boys) can ever dream of being.

And, to the world: I cannot live without mister AJBENDANA aka Aldo.

AND if you're wondering who "Marcy" is, that's me. That would be one of many nicknames given to me by the weirdo Aldo.

Andre said...

Oh. So you're M-aaar-cy.

OK, OK! That's the last one. I'm positively done with the pirate talk.