Saturday, January 20, 2007

Helllloooooo blog world.

Last night I held game night part deux. GREAT SUCCESS *Borat Voice*

Game night is so much fun! I LOVE GAMES! I get really excited and pretty competetive and it's just a lot of fun. Also, I really like having people over. I live out of the way and far from Georgetown, so it's a rare event.

Speaking of how inconveniently far away I live, I have walked to school 3 times so far this week. I guess part of my "New Year's list of Resolutions and Revisions to the way I live" would include walking to school instead of relying on public transportation. The advantages are three-fold: 1) exercise, 2) it's freeeeee, 3) it's quality alone time. I hope I'll keep it up.

Speaking of New Year's Resolutions, I did not tell anyone person what my real New Year's Resolution is. Things like that lose value to me when I tell other people (I don't know how to explain that). Either way, it is an important exercise in shutting-up, and I am much more willing to stick to the resolution now (and more serious about it).

Some good New Year's Resolutions I've heard from those around me so far include: Giving up french fries for a year (yikes!), having better posture, not smoking pot anymore, saving money, and doing well in school (that one applies to everyone around me right now, probably!)

I like hearing what people have resolved to do and watching their execution of it. It's interesting to see who sticks to it, who doesn't, who cares that they stuck to it, and who forgets about their Resolution come February.

But the "Doing well in school" resolution is definitely one that people really do stick to, especially in the Stressful Masters Program- er, I mean, Special Masters Program (a wonderfully expensive one year program where you spend a year proving that you are medical school-worthy). It's crunch time. Everyone is pretty much freaking out right now. This is a tough semester, it's NOW when we're supposed to hear from medical schools. People who have gotten interviews and haven't heard back are freaking out. People who haven't gotten any interviews are freaking out more.

So, basically, I think anyone in my program who hasn't been accepted yet is basically in OH MY GOD I MUST GET AN A+ IN EVERYTHING mode (including myself). It's not cool. I can't bear the look of the white hair on my head, or my devoured nails. I can't imagine the thought of waiting until April or May to know that I am in somewhere.

And I am not going to lie, it's getting to me. I spent the greater part of last week annoyed, frustrated, and anxious. Even before people came over for game night, I was like BLEH. But after things got rolling, the fun-filled excitement brightened up my day. I went to bed feeling nice and I woke up ready to study all day.

So, my January 20 resolution will be to have game night again sometime soon. I know I can stick to this one. : )

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