Thursday, May 31, 2007

My laptop, is FUCKED. There, I said it.

I have to send it back to HP and get a new hard drive, according to my computer nerd brother. Bah humbug. It's barely been 10 months! This is annoying and heartbreaking. I would readily give up my television before I give up my computer. The internet... what a glorious invention. How can I live without it?! Sigh...

In other news... I now officially know where I will be going to medical school. Yes, University of Florida, here I come!!!

I was accepted there on June 15, but I was still waiting on a decision from Georgetown. I would've probably still picked Florida over G-town, but you never know, you know?

The HOYAS did not find me worthy of their over-rated, over-priced, moldy school.

Ok, ok, I'm being a bitter betty. The truth is I probably didn't deserve an interview to begin with. Not because I suck, but because so many other people rock in my program. They put in the hours and got the grades. I also put in the hours, but not nearly as many. And it showed in my grades.

Also, I shouldn't be bitter because I was 80% sure I was going to Florida. The idea of facing such a big decision scared the crap out of me. I hate making decisions.

Enough about that... I'm excited to be a Gator. Yes, Gainesville will be boring, but considering the amount of alcohol I have consumed here in lovely D.C., I believe a calm place with bars that close early is precisely what I need for the next four, career shaping years of my life.

The binge drinking, my goodness! This program drives people to insanity, I swear.

But holy crap what a year it's been. I'm already sad that I have to say good bye to so many awesome people. Monday is our last exam, and then we have a banquet on Wednesday, and that's it. It all went by so quickly!

I am staying in DC till July and I'm hoping to party it up. But before that, I need a break from it all. A break from school, AND a break from partying. Honestly, I made up for 4 years of living at home for undergrad in the past month here.

My self destructive behavior, which happens to be common in physicians, should come to an end once I start med school. It *is* Gainesville, however... that means tons of crazy college parties, accompanied by amazing sports and lots of school spirit. Oh dear.

As it turns out, I have not really studied yet for this exam. This is preposterously terrible. But I can honestly say, for the first time all year, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

Wow that feels great.

It also feels great to curse on my blog, too. I tried to keep it PG just in case med schools somehow could find it. Yes, I'm that paranoid.

And now, it is with great pleasure that I say: Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


Raw Thoughts said...

I'm dancing a jig for you, even though I knew you would do it :)

I do have a question. I'm not trying to be picky but since you said the f word more than once...

I was accepted there on June 15

Does that mean you've known for a year or are you reading those horoscopes again and they say you will be accepted into UF? LOL


Marianita said...

Bah... I meant May 15!!! And actually, I think it was May 16. I can't keep track of anything anymore... I'm so burnt out from school!

Thanks for the congrats...

Andre said...

You self-destructive behavior and your decision to go to the Dark Side (U. of Florida) aside, CONGRATS! That's a hella great accomplishment.

Pity you didn't chose the University of Michigan, though.