Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The past several days in review, and me saying "boo-hoo"

Friday: Game night was fun... it got pretty crowded. I think there were 17 of us at one point. My apartamento is not that big...

We got to play my latest game acquisition: Taboo. I found it on the floor in the lobby of my building. People leave crap behind when they move out... and by crap, I mean treasures. Other lobby of my building goodies include: a set of good knives, 2 cute placemats, Season 1 of Friends on VHS (ancient!), and my very nice living room table. Hooray for free stuff!

After most of the herd left some of us went to hookah and play backgammon. Not smart on my part, since I got home at 5 am, only 4 hours before I was supposed to be leaving to Atlantic City.

Saturday morning in a Zombie-like state I got in a car headed to Atlantic City for a beer festival. Super exciting! The road trip was fun. That part of New Jersey is depressing. It almost slightly has some charm, but it's the kind of charm an ugly, dumb dog has.

The beer festival was awesome! I would not have ever believed that chocolate or blueberry beer would be something good... After 4 hours of beerfesting, we went to Hooters for some fine dining, then a nightclub. I was impressed with the nightclub. Everything else in Atlantic City made me nauseous.

The car ride home was fun, too!

I hate getting back from one of these awesome super mega fun road trips and feeling sad it's over and facing the reality of exams and med school and laundry. I hate laundry.

I missed class on Monday because I didn't change my alarm clock for Daylight Savings. I changed the clock on the oven, and the one on the microwave, but I somehow forgot the most important one. So that sucked. Just the beginning of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (ok, that's an exaggeration... the day was good, until the end).

I went to a spinning/cycling class for the first time in my life. It was super fun! Then I went to see 300, which was entertaining. Then, instead of coming home and going to bed early, I went out to a Georgetown bar for trivia night. All was fine until I got home and realized I had left my keys at school. NOT FUN!

Through determination and magic I got into my apartment within 30 minutes. It was frustrating, but quite the adventure.

So it's been an eventful past few days. Amidst the fun times, however, I can't deny that I've been having some of those lows. Those "holy crap I'm not doing well, I'm not gonna get into med school, I should have studied more, I hate this crap" lows.

The uncertainty of where I will be in August, the uncertainty of whether or not I'll have to start this incredibly painful application process once again, and the uncertainty of whether or not I will be happy with life if I have a year off are all chipping away at my sanity.

Making the situation worse is my drive to go out. I've been catching myself attempting to stay distracted by going out a lot more than I should, neglecting everything, including laundry and sleep (both very important!)

The good news is I will be away from all of this in two days. I'll be at home, in my comfortable bed. I'll be away from talk of GPAs and Med school interviews and Exam scores. I am going to push myself to study as much as possible... (booooooooo)

Besides studying, there will be some shopping and a lot of beachgoing... EXCITING!

Nap time!

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