Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One more day till I'm in Miami! As a preview, DC weather has been ridiculous (higher than 70 degrees F!!!) People are walking around in shorts and flip flops. YAY!

I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it!)

I already have a large chunk of the first 5 days of my vacation planned out. There is already no room for studying, though... yikes!

Two friends (Arielle & Aileen) from my program are coming to visit Miami. I am excited to show them some real latin flavor!

The plan:

Wednesday (today): Study, study, study (shouldn't be blogging!)
night: Go to McFadden's with classmates for pre-spring break fiesta.

Thursday: Frantically pack, rush to airport, fly home!
night: Coconut Grove w/ Monica, college night! An age old tradition. We still go even though technically we're not in college. Sigh.

Friday: Recover from Thursday night. Talk to mommy.
night: Finnigan's and Brick's to celebrate Monica's birthday!

Saturday: Recover from Friday night. Go to the beach.
night: Celebrate St. Patrick's day : )

Sunday: Recover from Saturday night.
night: visitors from DC come into town! Party out on the town.

Monday: BEACH
night: more partying

I'm going to stop wasting time writing all this stuff out. It's basically beach then party every day. This is terrible. I'm not going to get any studying done, and I'm going to fry my already fried brain. I promise myself at least 2 solid days of studying after Tuesday!!!

Speaking of studying, I should go do that now. I just wanted to talk about how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Raw Thoughts said...

Mom doesn't get talked to until Friday?!! And while you're sick? Poor momma :( tsk, tsk

enjoy :)

Marianita said...

Haha... you just don't know my mom!

We'll definitely talk BEFORE that, but I'm sensing Friday will be one of those 3 hours of chit-chat/gossip days...

My mom is cool like that!