Friday, September 28, 2007

Things have been going unusually well lately. I am happy to say, I got a new car, I got a FREE ticket to the Florida vs Auburn game, I've been on top of my schoolwork (kind of), and, finally:



The first episode aired yesterday. It was one hour long. It was funny but not as amazing as I'd hoped. My favorite line (by none other than Michael Scott):

"I'm not superstitious... I'm only slightly stitious." (paraphrased)


My new car is pretty nice. It's a 2008 dark blue Pontiac G6. Thank goodness for a father who is kind enough to wire me money and arrange it all. Yay Dad!

It felt pretty weird to have my dad do all that for me. I'm usually more independent, but school is insanely time consuming and I asked my dad to iron out the details for me. Again, yay Dad!

I'm freaking independent. FINALLY. Relying on people for rides sucks. Not having a car in Gainesville sucks sucks sucks. But now, that's allll over.

The other awesomeness: I'm going to the motherlovin' game! This game is the second to last home game. I missed Tennessee because of the stupid exam. I can't wait to tailgate. The game's at eight.

Something else that's pretty cool... I went to power yoga twice this week. I used to take yoga for credit in undergrad (how sweet is that?) and I've been in love with it ever since. Unfortunately,
power yoga is like yoga on crack. Fortunately, it's a great workout and it leaves you feeling wonderful.

What's not so awesome is the fact that I've completely succumbed to the fact that I will spend a lot of time studying. Somewhere along the way, I lost my "I will not let school interfere with my social life" attitude. I have always done above average, while never really setting high standards for myself. Suddenly, I find myself unable to settle for anything less than outstanding. Twice this week I could've gone out and partied, and both times I found myself wanting to stay in and study. Not forcing myself to stay in, but *wanting* it. This is so strange. Could I possibly be growing up???


At any rate, I hope it persists and that it pays off, because I'd better not be both lame and mediocre!

Tonight, I will not be lame. I am going out. I want to celebrate the end of the week. On that note, I should go study for a couple of hours.

See? WTF?!


Raw Thoughts said...

Congrats on the car! Now you won't have to ride around with the pissed off cop :) Dads are great!


That was a great line, I also liked these.

"Pam, you always seem to be having relationship problems, so I thought I'd ask you...'Did Roy ever try to kill your cat?'" - Angela

"Nobody IN the car got hurt". - Michael

And for anybody that doesn't think the office is funny "Are you kidding me?" - Kevin LOL

Good job on the school work. Maybe you're starting to see how this stuff it's going to be helpful when you become a doctor? :)

James Jones said...

you and your office suck