Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fickle Girrrl

Guys say "Girls are so fickle."

While I cannot speak on behalf of my entire gender, I can most certainly admit that I'm as fickle as a pickle.

A pickle that once was a cucumber, to be chopped up and used as an ingredient in a freshly tossed Mediterranean salad, but decided to jump into a vat of brine instead, only to later realize that it wants to be a cucumber again.

For the most part, being fickle has not been a totally terrible thing. I've gained exposure to a handful of possible career paths, tried lots of beer, learned about lots of different belief systems, etc. The value of this for me: a broader perspective, a greater understanding. The only time it really bugs me is when it is at the expense of another person.

My official apology: I am really truly very sorry for being so fickle.

This weekend presented with one decision was extremely tough to make: Go out and party on Friday night and/or go to the UF vs Tennessee game today, or stay in and study, study, study instead. I am pretty shocked that I chose the latter.

In the words of a once great punk band: "Well I guess this is growing up."

Uh, don't get me wrong, I definitely will watch the game. But no tailgating. OH MY GOD IT BURNS. Must.... drink... beer.

Being responsible sucks ass. Getting bad grades sucks significantly more ass, though.


Pink Panther Peni said...

I believe...

Learn you are little Lebbie.

Marianita said...

Huh?! I don't get it.

Pink Panthers Vag said...

Get it you must little Debbie.

Get it you must...