Sunday, September 09, 2007

Britney Spears disappointed me tonight.

The VMA's seem to get worse every year. I shouldn't have sacrificed this past hour of study time...

"Sacrificed" pfft.

I heart Justin Timberlake though. And yeah, Britney has GUTS to come out and sing after all she's done.

Oh, back to why the VMA's are an insult to me. It's always poorly planned, people always read their cue cards incorrectly, and the technical difficulties are overwhelming.

Who am I to criticize this annual meeting of celebrities in a celebration of music? A formaldehyde drenched, very stressed out medical school student, who should have studied today, but for some odd reason couldn't find the motivation. Nearly failing last Thursday's quiz and an impending major exam in less than two weeks just don't cut it.

Oh, but I studied all weekend, so it's okay. NO NO WAIT, I DIDN'T STUDY ALL WEEKEND!

It was a fun weekend tho. I spent a couple of hours at school on Saturday kind of glossing over some Anatomy stuff, but I was too excited to get to tailgating (which was awesome). The game was cool too, but I was too tired to really care. Go Gators!

Tomorrow we have to interview a fake patient and we're getting videotaped. Later in the week, we will get into our small groups and watch ourselves. The stupid camera adds 10 lbs, and I am nervous as hell.

Bah! I suppose I should get to bed early. No use staying up and watching this garbage any longer.

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