Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You Make Me Better...

I'm partially obsessed with this song. Why?

-The words "You Make Me Better" are powerful. You should always be with someone who makes you better. But throughout the song, and I'm paraphrasing here, he says "I'm awesome, but you make me better" in several different ways: I'm a star, she's the sky, I'm a cake, she's the frosting. It's actually quite cute in a simple, cheesy way. And I feel the emphasis on the idea that he's just fine and dandy by himself ensures that people don't misinterpret the song to be a proclamation of codependence/low self estem. You know, he's not saying "I suck without you." Gosh it's great. Anyway, I should point out that a lot of the lyrics suck, but the concept is still great.

-The line: "I'm a movement by myself/but I'm a force when we're together." It makes me think of Physics. If movement is in terms of meters per second (m/s) and force is in terms of Newtons (kg*m/s^2), then that implies that his girlfriend is kg/s^2. Adorable, no? But wait. Somewhere earlier in the song he says "you plus me." So that means they're adding to each other. How can you add to a velocity to create force? I'm confused. I guess hip-hop stars are allowed to get away with fuzzy mathematics.

Ok, that was terrible. But I *always* think about that when I hear that line. I had to share. Back to normal reasons for loving a song:

-The beat is awesome.

-The video... is okay. I like the actress (Roselyn Sanchez) in it, which gives it a few extra points. She is very pretty and exotic looking. Again, it's not the most riveting video.

So yeah that's how I feel about this song. While popular music and hip hop has taken a turn for the worse lately, I am still finding some enjoyable stuff coming around, such as:

Stronger - Kanye West
The Way I Are - Timbaland & someone
(yes, blatant grammar error, but it's still a great song)
Delilah - Plain White Tees
(makes me sad)
And anything by Justin Timberlake or Nelly Furtado
OK, gotta run.

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