Monday, July 30, 2007

I've neglected this blog, but with good reason. I'd say I've been partying like a rock star. Rock stars don't have time to blog.

But even in the beginning of my summer, when I would wake up at 1 pm and lounge around all day, I didn't write anything. I'm a slacker turned rock star and about to become stressed out medical student.

As a stressed out wannabe med student at good ol' Georgetown, I blogged a lot, so I guess that means come August 14, I'll be all up in this sheezy once again.

But for now, I want to brag about how awesome the past 10 days have been (pictures coming soon):

THE CRUISE... was tons of fun. Is there anything more relazing than being in the middle of the ocean, without a care in the world? The second we set foot on the deck of the ship, a waiter threw drinks in our hand.

Saturday at the Bahamas was pretty sweet. The place is kind of sad because you can see that the inhabitants of the island don't really have great lives, but they're stuck seeing tourists come in and spend wads of cash and litter their beaches and then get up and leave to their cushy homes with their nice cars and all that jazz. Sigh.

Anyway, we got to see Atlantis, a giant resort/hotel/casino/waterpark/aquarium/other stuff. Super nice. Again, kind of sad, because not even a mile away there are crappy roads and houses. We then rented jet skis. Tons of fun, and the highlight of the Bahamas for me.

We partied at Senor Frogs at night. We spent Sunday on the ship again, played some blackjack, and pulled an all nighter to watch the ship pull into the port of Miami at about 6 am. What a great city. I never thought I'd say that.

I spent the rest of the week at the beach when the weather permit it.

For the weekend, we had not one, but two nights at South Beach. Normally I'd cringe the thought of driving 30 minutes to South Beach, parking for 20 bucks, waiting in line, fighting the crowds, and paying for ridiculously overpriced drinks. But my relatively uneventful first 2 weeks here gave me an itch to party it up. Yes, I partied on the cruise. But I felt the urge to do the whole Miami/South Beach thing, considering my one month stay. So Friday night we went to Cameo, which is a ginormous club. It was crowded and we had to wait in line and pay to get in despite our "hook up." I bought a drink and, much to my dismay, the bartender let me know that there was a FIFTY DOLLAR credit card minimum. Welcome to Miami, I suppose. I got home at 6 am and slept the morning and early afternoon away.

Saturday night was significantly better. We went to a more upscale place called Karu & Y. No wait in line, no cover charge, no credit card minimum. Our evening began at midnight and ended with the usual really really late night munchies. Got home at 7.

Needless to say I partied it up and I'm partied out. For now. I feel like a tourist in my home town. It's great.

Moving to DC was such a good experience and it really let me appreciate Miami. And now it's off to Gainesville, which I'm sure will make me feel bad for ever taking Miami for granted.

In two weeks and one day, I'll be sitting at orientation. As excited as I was about all this UF med school stuff last week, I'm starting to get more and more anxious about the monstrous amounts of studying I will be facing. But I'm still excited.


Raw Thoughts said...

All right, Miss Rock Star, rock on while you have the chance. It won't be long before you're up all night with the books instead of out with the 'beautiful' people.

How long before you actually get to put your hands on people? Patients, that is.

Glade you had fun on the cruise, you make me laugh with your adventures. I will be going on a cruise in December and your post has gotten me even more excited. Of course it's not going to be a rock star moment for me but should be fun none the less!

Marianita said...

Ooooh have fun on your cruise!

I will be touching patients in no time. My vague response should indicate that I have no idea what to expect... *yikes*