Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I don't like to be dramatic or sappy in my blog, just cause life's too good to be complaining. Count your blessings, etc...

But today I just wanted to write that I'm feeling kinda blue (da-ba-di, da-ba-die). I didn't notice I was feeling so blue until I ended my online conversation with

"Well, i'm gonna go cook a lonely dinner-for-one. No salt needed, my tears will do the job"

I laughed when I read it because it just sounds like something that would make me roll my eyes if I heard it from someone else.

I'm getting used to the whole living alone thing, being far away from the people I love. The application process for medical school along with the ridiculous masters program I'm in create a stress level which may exacerbate the negative/sappy feelings.

Enough of that.

By the way, I hate the Washington DC metrobus system.


ajbendaƱa said...

hey beautiful, smile in front of a mirror and you will brighten up. It does the trick for me.

ajbendaƱa said...
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Ho said...

don't worry, be happy
don't be happy, be marvelous
be marvelous, be Wolverinous