Thursday, August 17, 2006

Smitty in the City...

Well , today has been one of the better ones.

First, I did me some learnin'. Gastrulation of an embryo is quite interesting. Really.

Then, I commenced on my first adventure with public transportation in DC. I took the Georgetown University Shuttle (nice and FREE) to Dupont circle. I was looking around, trying to figure out where to go next, when I ran into a classmate from the SMP, which stands for Special Master's Program. I think the S should stand for STEROIDS. Anyway, my friend walked with me to the metro station and helped me find the bus stop. A very friendly and nice employee at the metro station let me cheat and get a bus transfer, and gave me some important information. I waited at the bus stop for a while, where I read, in utter confusion, the bus schedule. My stop was not listed there, but I assumed that there's no way to list all the stops so I didn't worry too much.

I hopped on the bus and tried to give the bus driver the money. He looked at me as though I was some sort of alien and pointed at the machine that takes the money. I laughed nervously and sat down right behind him. The bus was completely empty. I asked the driver if he stopped where I needed to go. He looked at me like I was an alien with a big sign over my head that said "total retard."

I told him I was new to all this stuff, and he said, "I noticed!" He was very helpful, explaining a lot of important things to me. He told me about some land he has in Sarasota, his three adopted children, life in Washington D.C., and more. His name is "Smitty." I dub him "Smitty in the city." As people got on the bus he greeted them so nicely. A lot of people knew him and said hello to him the way one says hello to someone who really brightens up their day. What a nice dude.

While on the bus, a guy saw me staring at the map. I was trying to learn it. He came up to me and asked me if I needed help finding where I was going.

THEN when I got off the bus, I was a bit disoriented and a woman who had gotten off at the same stop as me noticed this. She asked me if I needed help.

SO, in total, 5 people helped me in my journey from bus stop to apartment today.

Today is one of those days when I really feel connected to the universe. There have been quite a few coincidences lately, and things are falling into place.

And now, it's time to study. According to the suggested study time for my steroids masters program, I should have spent 20 hours studying already. I am about 19 hours behind.


KOB said...

Really enjoyed this post. This bus maps are confusing; even long time residents are can't figure them out.

Ho said...

lol! handed him the money?! man, that's great. keep on keeping on.

* said...

aawwwww im so behind myself! we will get through this....I hope!

Andre said...

Great post!

I think that the support you received is that small amount of time is only a prelude of what's to be expected. From what I tell, you have a terrific and infectous spirit. It won't be long before all of D.C. will come down with it.

An epidemic of massive proportion... Yikes!

Marianita said...

kob: I say, forget the bus.

ho: are you mocking me?

*: now the daniel bettingfield song "i gotta get through this" is stuck in my head!

andre: thanks!