Thursday, August 17, 2006 know when you have work to do but you just keep getting online and going on msn messenger and checking your email and calling people on the phone and getting up for a snack and making to do lists and doing everything except for what you are supposed to be doing?


I hate that.

It's amazing how two hours fly when you need them and 15 minutes seem like an eternity when you're in class listening to the most boring lecture in the history of lectures.

The image I have included in this blog is one of my favorite paintings by my favorite artist, Salvador Dali. It just reminds me of having too much to do, too little time, being a mess, etc.


Ho said...

hang in there....remember, you were out of school for nearly a year, I imagine it's tough to make that transition back, I'm going through the same thing right now and I'm not studying to become a doctor. You'll be fine.

ajbendaƱa said...

Damn, your such a Ho bro.

i am talking to Ho. not Marianota.

Just remeber that time is an illusion of the mind helped along by man mad clocks. Illusions thats why the clock is melting. cause its an illuison that should slowly melt away once this is realized. i am working on it to.

Ho said...

aj....aldob., i don't know if i have any backing and maybe time is just an illusion, but let's not dispose of the fact that everything seems to happen in a chronological order, and what we decide to call it is time. A fetus grows into an infant, grows into a baby, grows into a child, grows into an adult, grows into an old fogie. What do we call that? Same thing here. Studying to working to studying makes the transition from working to studying a bit harder. What do you think marianiatitateta?