Monday, July 21, 2008

Gambia Pictures, part one: THE JOURNEY

JFK airport: We still smell okay at this point, and we don't want to gouge our eyes out yet. Really, we have no idea what we're in for.

Dakar, Senegal: two flights and a billion hours later, we arrived in Dakar. We stopped at this home to eat and rest for the long bus journey ahead. This is before we were attacked by approximately 400 village children (slight exaggeration).

...after the village kids heard about the 8 Toubabs. It was insane!

Our new Senegalese friends made us dinner! Nonspecific red meat with greasy rice. It was delicious! With full bellies, we boarded the bus and headed toward the border.

Hours later, we had crossed the border, switched buses, and made it to the North bank of the Gambia river. Ferry time! This is our bus (aka "gele gele") on the ferry, with all of our luggage on top.

As if we really needed another test of patience, the bus' front axle broke on the ferry. Add 2 hours to journey.

We arrived at the hotel hours after the gele-gele tragedy.
And were greeted by monkeys!
more pics to come!


David said...

Don't they have tables in Gambia? I noticed the lack of one in the second picture. Then the fourth picture confirmed my suspicions. Where are all the tables?!!

Seriously, did you eat that stuff in the picture? Girl, you so crazy. :O

Your bus looked better than I pictured, as did your hotel.

:) Monkeys, aww the monkeys. Did you chase them? I would have chased them and flung bananas at them.

Great pictures!

David said...

Don't know if you still check this blog but I thought I'd wish your UF Gators good luck this weekend against UGA... NOT!!!!!!! :p

I hope things are going well and that you are getting closer to your goal.