Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Roses are red
Violets are pretty
Medical school
Is getting quite shitty

No time for fun
No time for life
Three more years?
Pass me the knife

Study all day
Worry all night
Never feel good
This can't be right

No patient will ask
How you did in that class
So why get an A
When you can just pass?

To be a Neurosurgeon
You must get the grades
But that's not for me
No surgery, no blades.

So all I should do
Is pass and be happy
I'll have much more time
Life won't be so crappy

But I can't just stop caring
I've tried many times
So maybe I should go to bed
And stop these dumb rhymes.

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Raw Thoughts said...


Even in your misery you crack me up.