Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have decided to create a blog for myself. I figure, hey, I always have a lot to say, and this looks like fun. Generally I write to vent or express myself, hence the title. I couldn't think of anything catchy but once I do I will probably change it. That's me, always changing my mind.
By the way, thanks Aldino for giving me a blog to read.
I am in Beirut, Lebanon. I have been here since May 26, and I will leave on July 4. This country is modern, a non third world country with some third world characteristics. The internet is sssllloooowww, however, and my attempts to put up pictures have failed thus far. I will try again at an internet cafe.
More about Lebanon. Everyone speaks French here, and it's kind of annoying. The weather is not bad, it's California-ish. The food is great. Stuffed grape leaves and kibbe and hummus and pita bread all the time. The people are nice, and you can count on most people speaking some English. I am brushing up on my Arabic. I understand it well but don't speak too well.
I will talk more about my temporary home on a later date, when I can post some pictures as well.


ajbendaƱa said...

nice blog marcy. i like it. i am gona link it to my blog. Write your thougts away. you know why i love this shit. its like a portfolio of your thoughts with achives and everything. i love going back and relecting on what i wrote inthe past.

* said...

hola chiquita!! yo tambien tengo uno....empezo como un projecto medio anonimo cuando pasaba por mucho emocionalmente...pero ya siempre ando tan ocupada que no escribo mucho en a

its kinda cool that you started one! it will be nice to read your whereabouts and thoughts since we cant chat at work anymore! un beso!! Me