Saturday, July 01, 2006

And now for some comedy:

Disclaimer: I am in no way homophobic. I am all about gay rights!!! I just thought these were clever/funny.

1. What do you call a cupboard full of lesbians? ..
A licker cabinet.

2. What do you call an Eskimo lesbian? ....
A Klondyke.

3. What do you call 100 lesbians with guns? ..
Militia Etheridge.

4. Why can't lesbians diet and wear make-up at the same time?
Because they can't eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on their face.

5. What do you call two lesbians in a canoe? .
Fur Traders.

6. What is a lesbian dinosaur called? ....
A Lickalotapuss.

7. What do you call a lesbian with long fingers? .
Well Hung.

8. Did you hear that Ellen DeGeneres drowned?
She was found face down in Ricki Lake.

9. How can you tell a tough lesbian bar? .....
Even the pool table doesn't have balls.

10. What do you call lesbian twins? ....

11. What's the definition of confusion? .
Twenty blind lesbians in a fish market.

12. What's the difference between a Ritz cracker and a lesbian?
One's a snack cracker, the other's a crack snacker.


ajbendaƱa said...

thats some funny stuff

Anonymous said...

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